VII POLAND & CEE CUSTOMER LOYALTY SUMMIT 20-22 April 2016, Holiday Inn Hotel, Cracow













It was a tremendous pleasure to have you in Cracow. We’ll do our best to make you feel even better next year!


We would like to heartily thank all the Participants of the 7th Poland & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit for joining and inspiring us. Our Forum has become a fixed item on the agenda of loyalty experts coming to Cracow year after year, not only to look for new ideas and business, but also to meet friends and enjoy their time.

The Forum was preceded by a special day: Workshops: Centralising data from various channels and departments – tools and processes – conducted by representatives of IGNITIONONE and MEDIA&LEADS.

As in the previous year, the Forum consisted of a plenary session accompanied by 4 thematic sessions, this time focused on: loyalty in retail, services, the traditional channel and the issues of churn and retention.

In 2016 “digitalisation” and modernising activities were the lead motif of the part of the meeting dedicated to the retail sector. The two presentations that were most highly graded by the Participants were delivered by Maksymilian Litwinow – Marketing Director of Castorama (How to engage the client in social media) and Adam Nowak, Country Ikea Family Manager, Ikea together with Dominik Zacharewicz, Managing Partner from Loyalty Point (The future is not what it used to be – coordinating and personalising mass communication in CRM projects on the example of IKEA FAMILY). Managers of service companies focused on “managing” the consumer’s emotions and the directions of loyalty development, including the concept of customer experience. “How to use emotions for keeping the consumer’s constant attention” – was the presentation that received the most votes in this session. It was delivered by Dariusz Maciołek – Marketing Director of PGE.

The leading topics in the Churn & Retention Management sessions were churn triggers and effective elements of managing retention campaigns – here, two presentations were granted distinction:

– – “Multichannel client retention” – delivered by Krzysztof Kończak, Direct Sales Development Director together with Rafał Dywan, Contact Center Office Director representing PZU Group

– – “How to manage campaigns, focusing on interactions with the consumer in multiple channels (branch/call center/Internet) delivered by Jakub Synowiec, Senior Specialist of Campaign Management, representing mBANK.

The fourth session dedicated to managers responsible for building relations in the traditional channel covered topics connected with the condition and perspectives of development for the small area market as well as mechanics and tools supporting sales. Here, the best presentation was delivered by Borys Skoracki Loyalty Programmes Manager from Maspex and covered the subject of “Loyalty programme as a source of competitive advantage in a sales point”.

The programme of the first day of the Forum was closed by 2-hour meetings at thematic tables – a fixed item on the agenda of our Forum, invariably popular among the Participants, as they offer the possibility of discussing more detailed topics in a smaller company. The challenge posed by centralisation turned out to be the most important topic of this session.

In the evening, traditionally we met to talk about loyalty in an informal atmosphere. This time we visited the vast industrial interiors of the Old Depot in Kazimierz. The meeting began with the 2nd Official LOYALTY AWARDS Gala.

The winners were chosen in two stages, with the votes being cast only by practitioners of managing relations and building client loyalty, who pointed out the best projects in the following categories: retail sales, services, B2B (relations with resellers), the best new programmer, innovation of the year and emotional engagement leader.


  • Emotional Engagement Leader – IKEA FAMILY
  • Loyalty Innovation of the Year 2015 – MY STARBUCKS REWARDS
  • The best new loyalty activities of the year 2015 – MY STARBUCKS REWARDS
  • The best B2B loyalty scheme – reseller’s market – HORTEX PREMIA
  • The best loyalty activities in services – mOKAZJE / mBank
  • The best loyalty activities in retail – IKEA FAMILY

The Plebiscite was organised in cooperation with TNS POLSKA and the substantive value of the nominated projects was supervised by the Awards Committee including:

  • Tomasz Burdziński, Strategic Director, OSKAR WEGNER – MARKETING RELACYJNY
  • Marek Kosakowski, Managing Director, DATA SOLUTIONS (OMNICOM GROUP)
  • Andrzej Łapeta, Manager, Firma Reklamowa KUC
  • • Tomasz Makaruk, PhD, President of the Management Board, i360
  • Grzegorz Ostrowski, Client Service Director, TNS POLSKA
  • Dominik Zacharewicz, Managing Partner, LOYALTY POINT

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Spring of 2017 during the next edition of Poland & CEE Loyalty Summit!

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Project Director


The best business ideas are born in dialogues. This year’s Customer Loyalty Summit was an unceasing dialogue of people who have already achieved a lot, but at the same time know that they can achieve much more when working together. Unceasing, as even though the conference is over – dialogues with partners met in Cracow continue, and are better than ever. Radosław Wróblewski – Head of New Business Development, FREEBEE

Customer Loyalty Summit has undoubtedly become the most important event of the loyalty marketing sector. Every following edition is a source of inspirations for the year to come. This year’s stay in Cracow allowed me to get to know a few very interesting concepts. I’m looking forward for the eighth edition that will be the fourth one I’ll participate in.Kamil Kociszewski – Loyalty Strategy Manager, FREEBEE

I have to admit that the conference has inspired me to act. I think that your event is well worth recommending, and even though it was my first time on your conference I will definitely come back for the upcoming editions. Malgorzata Kaczmarczyk – Corporate Sales Manager, AGITO

Poland & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit is a fixed item in my calendar. The Organisers have managed to create a unique brand, guaranteeing high quality, exceptional atmosphere, tons of inspirations and many contacts. The form of short presentations combined with interactive Q&A sessions allows to gather information regarding the most interesting solutions and approaches to loyalty and customer experience. The 2-hour workshops have enabled us to test the theory in practice. After two days of the conference I was leaving Cracow with a wide smile on my face and my head full of ideas.
P.S. The organisers themselves should deliver a speech on loyalty as a number of guests participates in this event on an annual basis, which shows how extraordinary the Forum is.

Poland & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit is a perfect opportunity to discover best practices on the loyalty market in this part of the world. It’s a great source of inspirations for business. What is more, the conference venue is very conveniently located, right next to the Old Town in Cracow.Paweł Masicz – Head of Direct Marketing Development Team, PKN ORLEN

This year I had the opportunity to participate in the Poland & CEE Loyalty Summit for the third time. Each year my expectations of the event were different, but what’s most important – each time they were fulfilled. During my first Forum (4 years ago) I was still a rookie who came to learn from more experienced colleagues about what loyalty was and how to build it. Back then we were only beginning to create Sygma Bonus, and i.a. thanks to the knowledge acquired during the Forum we were able to develop it so well. The next meeting was a time of verifying gathered knowledge and applied solutions. It offered numerous lectures and exercises, but most importantly, the possibility of establishing direct contacts with the other Participants. Apart from this, as a more experienced colleague I could return the favour and share my knowledge with people who were beginning their search for ways of increasing their clients’ loyalty. Finally, during the 7th Poland & CEE Loyalty Summit I had the opportunity to present a speech on building loyalty strategy in times when the competitors are doing exactly the same as we do. Different expectations, different role but as always fully professional organisation of the event and warm welcoming, interesting people and talks, different programmes and points of view. Have I learnt anything knew while participating in the Forum for the third time? Definitely yes, as the market is changing really quickly, new ideas appear constantly and technology rushes forward. Still, one thing is constant – high expectations of the clients who demand building true loyalty, not just mimed actions.
Artur Gaj – Loyalty Programmes and Communication Director, SYGMA BANK POLSKA

As usual the Forum was interesting in its formula and rich in the Speaker’s experiences.Konrad Kniaź – Director of the Client Relations Management Office, IDEA BANK S.A.

The Forum has surely met my expectations as it was a platform for exchanging experiences with representatives of various, seemingly distant sectors of economy. This diversity was a huge source of inspirations and has allowed me to find out-of-the-box solutions.Jakub Synowiec – Head Specialist for Campaign Management, MBANK

Customer Loyalty Summit is a very interesting event, where the organiser has managed to bring together speakers representing various sectors of products and services, thus allowing for a thorough analysis of the question of client loyalty. Authentic case studies and methods used by practitioners were hugely valuable for the Participants of this conference. Piotr Suchodolski – Marketing Director, VIRGN MOBILE POLSKA